About District 1

District I (2015 population: 415,906) covers the western part of Tondo and is the most densely populated Congressional District. It is the home to one of the biggest urban poor communities. The Smokey Mountain in Balut Island is once known as the largest landfill where thousands of impoverished people lives in the slums. After the closure of the landfill in 1995, mid-rise housing buildings were built in place. This district also contains the Manila North Harbour Centre, the Manila North Harbor, and the Manila International Container Terminal of the Port of Manila.

"Population Counts by Legislative District (Based on the 2015 Census of Population)"Philippine Statistics Authority. Retrieved November 2, 2017.

Photos from: http://www.harbourcentre.com.ph/images/Aerial04.JPG and http://www.mictweb.com/galleryContainer.html#!operationsPhoto